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Welcome to the Steam Deck Guide.

I am Valdecir Carvalho, creator of The Steam Deck Guide.

The Steam Deck Guide was created at the beginning of March 2023 and my biggest motivation was that I bought a Steam Deck and found almost no content in Portuguese about the console.

I noticed that the community of Steam Deck users in Brazil was growing more and more, just look at Facebook groups, Telegram groups, etc. to see that every day, more and more people are deciding to buy their Steam Deck.

It was then that I had the idea of starting to bring together links that I had collected during my research before deciding to buy my Steam Deck on a simple page.

The page evolved, got bigger, I started translating some interesting content I found in English and until I decided to buy the domain guiadosteamdeck.com.br and set up this website.

In one month, almost organically, the site has had more than 1700 unique visitors and continues to grow daily.

I do not intend to monetize this site and I do this just for the pleasure of sharing content and knowledge. This is one of my passions and also my work.

During the creation of the Steam Deck Guide, I learned and am learning a lot about the Steam Deck and it really fascinates me, like any good NERD.

I invite you to participate in this community, if you find any errors, a page that is not working, a broken link, or any other problem, please let me know.

This work is under construction and constantly updated.

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This is a collaborative work and all contributions are welcome.